We extract Data directly from the career section of all the companies These companies updated there site quarterly and combined for quick analysis.​ We are already having Huge Job Data into out system So it might be possible that your company's Job Data already exist in out system. We may extract data on demand as dictated by business needs and analysis goals.


Live Job Posting

Use out data to post on your job board and that too for free. We outsource normalized and high quality data through FTP/SFTP/API/AWS.


Track Average Compensation

By using our tool you can Track average compensation of any position available in US market. and predict the future compensation for same position using our machine learning model.


Share Dashboard / Download Reports

We provide PowerBI Dashboard for free by using which you can get the instant insights about the job data. Even you can customise you Dashboard and reports as per you needs.For more info visit our Technology page here. Contact us for more information about this robust reporting platform!


Create your customised Data crawling python Scripts.

Job Insight's crawling tool is the only Data crawling tool available in the market which is open source it means, job-insights not only enables users to just view and filter the joba data, and create reports but you can create their own custom python scripts to crawl job data from the web. Almost all the default crawling scripts for ATS are integrated into our system.So if your want to crawl company whose jobs are posted on some ATS you can simple select ATS from the drop down and get quick access to your data and insights.


Customer Support

Use our team as a resource to get the most out of Job Insights and better understand the data. For any kind of queries or schedule a call feel free to mail us at

see what our clients are saying about us:

In my history of working with Job Data vendors, I can honestly say that these guys are working too hard for providing free job data. Excellent service and with a “down to earth” approach.

Matthew V. Obrien

Senior Member of Technial Staff

Extremely knowledgeable and helpful staff. Always ready with solutions – for all kinds of problems.

Christopher M. Rivard

CEO & Founder

A very professional and helpful organisation. The work is always carried out in a timely and well organised fashion and the best part is they are doing it for free.Keep up the good work guys..!!

Anne K. Harwell

Data Specialist
10000 Companies
120 ATS Integration
12 Happy Clients
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